Equal Experts

Connecting a client with target customers in a new country.

How do you help a successful software consultancy land in a new continent, and understand how to connect effectively with a new audience?

Equal Experts is a global network of senior technology practitioners, specialising in digital delivery. They have a global network of over 2,000 people, based in 8 countries and 5 continents. When they first landed in Australia, they needed to understand how potential customers research and select firms, and what they could do to positively impact the buying process.


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The problem

Equal Experts had a fantastic reputation in the UK. But in Australia, they were relatively unknown. They wanted to better understand how Australian customers research and select firms, and whether content influences the buying process.

The approach

There’s only one way to find out about potential customers. That’s to talk to them directly. We arranged one-to-one conversations with a selection of prospects and recent customers. People in purchasing positions at their organisation.

The end-game

The insights gained from these conversations would empower Equal Experts. It would allow them to better understand how customers research and select firms like Equal Experts, so that we can better inform promotional activity going forward.

Upfront research to save time and money

Content production is often perceived as a cost-effective marketing solution.

But with 2.5 quintillion bytes of content produced daily and 3.5 billion Google search queries, it’s a saturated world. Without a correct strategy and focus, it can simply become a waste of time and effort. The purpose of our interviews was to build a greater understanding of how we could tactically execute any content strategy to be relevant and to resonate. Reducing wasted time and effort.

Standing out with content marketing

Equal Experts wanted to share its expertise.

But it was equally important to ensure their customers were interested in finding it. To give Equal Experts the best chance of connecting with potential customers, we needed to understand the search terms their audience was using, the topics they were interested in, and the level of knowledge they currently had. This would be crucial to successful content production, and to Equal Experts standing out to their audience.

How does the audience want to consume content?

Almost as important as ‘what’ Equal Experts needed to say, was ‘how’ they needed to say it.

To find this out we asked specific questions. To establish whether their audience prefers long or short content. To understand whether they choose to consume this via articles, video, or podcasts. And, because tech leaders are busy people, we needed to find out the likely time and location of their content consumption. Was it on the commute to work? At their desk over lunch? Or with a coffee on Sunday morning? Understanding all of these would help to inform the correct tactical approach.

Is content marketing going to achieve sales?

You will be aware of the phrase ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink’.

Getting the audience to read the content was a good start, but we needed to understand how we could turn this into sales. Content typically fits into the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer’s journey. But how heavily does it influence their decision to purchase? And how could we use the Equal Experts content to build on strengths, and counter any perceived weaknesses? Doing this would give them the best opportunity to place themselves as the preferred option, build on their competitive advantage, and turn content consumers into customers.